Walkman Paid (Blender/High poly model/High Textures/Substance Painter)

Walkman inspired based on classic Sony Walkman 1979 made for 3D Art (Hardsurface) modeling and texture study,

What's inside the package (PAID)?

  • Full high poly model, Blender + FBX (collapsed modifiers)
  • Full low poly model, Blender + FBX (triangulated)
  • Textures: headphones 2048x2048 (source), cassette 2048x2048 (source), walkman 4096x4096 (source),
  • Render scenes for Cycles and Eevee versions,
  • Substance Painter file, with cleaned and properly named layer stack,


  • You won't find any video tutorials here, only source files mentioned above "What's inside the package",
  • Project created and tested with Blender 2.92 alpha,
  • The high poly model was created using a subdivision-surface/turbo-smooth workflow method,
  • Few of the high poly elements are still using boolean operators,
  • Renders for high poly were made inside Blender, using Cycles,
  • Renders for low poly were made inside Blender, using Eevee,
  • For high poly render scene: I used emissive shader as a light source which can't be used in Eevee renderer, only Cycles,
  • For low poly render scene: I used typical light sources, that can be used in Eevee and Cycles, but renders were made with Eevee in mind,
  • If you want to check more about the project go on my Artstation page:


  • Project was made for practice and can be used for learning/educational purpose,
  • Project should be used as only and for study only,

More depth in packages:

  • Walkman_Textures.spp
    • Substance Painter source file,
  • Textures High Res.zip
    • All png textures, high resolution,
  • Walkman 1979 3D Content.zip
    • High poly
      • cassette.fbx
      • headphones.fbx
      • walkman.fbx
      • walkman_assets.blend
      • walkman_highpoly_render.blend
    • Low poly
      • cassette.fbx
      • headphones.fbx
      • headphones_plug.fbx
      • walkman.fbx
      • walkman_assets.blend
      • walkman_dark_render.blend
      • walkman_light_render.blend
    • Textures

If you want to get the FREE version, without Substance Painter and without higher resolution textures check my other product on Artstation

Hope it will be useful for you. Thank you!

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