VEE-SG200, Gun Design

A personal weapon design that I made. Main idea was to create small, modular and handy "SMG sized" weapon with possibility to use it as a pistol, without a stock which should be quite easly detachable, but also enough steady and solid when it's attached to weapon - I wanted to get a feeling that in both cases, weapon should look consistent, like a 1 solid shape. Everything started from that point in my mind.
SG200 is mounted on a solid frame so that it can be re-assembly very easly, cleaned and packed into small case for transport.
I wanted to make front side of weapon to look heavy by placing there bolt mechanisms covered by cylinder plates and magazine.

Everything was made inside Blender and rendered in Eeve. Textures are 50/50 procedural using complex node tree, Grungit addon helped me in that. Design have 130 000 triangles, made using mid-poly workflow.

January 5, 2020